Galveston police seeking Hurricane Harvey shooting and theft suspects

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 08:57PM
Images of suspects provided by the Galveston Police Department. (Galveston Police Department)
GALVESTON, Texas - Police in Galveston, Texas are actively searching for several suspects involved in burglary that ended with gunshots being fired during Hurricane Harvey.

According to Galveston Police Department, the theft and shooting occurred at a local convenience store on Tuesday, August 29. The suspects shot at the victims of the burglary. Up to 10 possible suspects are wanted for questioning.
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"These crimes occurred during daylight hours when the Island was at its peak of flood waters from Hurricane Harvey," the department said.

Nobody was seriously injured during the crime, according to the police. Anybody with information about the possible suspects are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at (409) 763-8477 or the police department at (409) 765-3778.
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