Needle found inside little girl's trick-or-treating candy in North Lindenhurst

Thursday, November 09, 2017 11:22PM
CeFaan Kim speaks to the girl's grandfather in Lindenhurst.

NORTH LINDENHURST, Long Island - Suffolk County police report a disturbing case of Halloween candy tampering. A little girl apparently found a needle inside of a Twix bar.

Officers responded to a home on North Hamilton Avenue in North Lindenhurst at approximately 5:40 p.m. on November 8 after the father of a 6-year-old girl reported his daughter found a 2-inch long sewing needle inside a TWIX Fun Size Caramel Cookie Bar.

The girl got the candy while trick-or-treating on Halloween.

"It's a terrible thing because it's the kind of thing where kids are getting candy all day long and having a great time. It's hard to go through all the candy," said Jim Connelly, grandfather of the victim.

She apparently removed the cookie bar from the wrapper and bit into the candy on Wednesday.

The girl reported feeling something strange and pulled a chunk of the partially eaten candy bar out of her mouth and noticed the needle sticking out of it.

Fortunately, she was not hurt.
Officers recovered six empty TWIX Fun Size and Minis wrappers and one unopened candy bar.

"You know what she's mad at? They're taking her candy away now!" Connelly said.

All items were sent to the Suffolk County Crime Lab to be examined.

The tainted candy is believed to have been obtained on Halloween along the following streets: North Hamilton Avenue, Spiegelhagen Street, North Greene Avenue, North Erie Avenue and North Delaware Avenue in North Lindenhurst.

Residents in the area were shocked.

"My parents already said, 'we're checking all your candy now,'" a resident said.

"It's scary. We think back, did we check all the bags? Did we look at everything? Now we're going to spend all night looking through the candy," a parent said.

"It's just sad, the sick world that we live in," another said.

The victim's grandfather just wants to make sure that no one gets hurt.

"I'm just concerned that there's somebody still out there. It might not be a local thing. It might be something from factory you know the way it was consumed you know what I mean?" Connelly said.

The Suffolk County Police Department recommends that parents carefully inspect their children's candy prior to eating it.
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