Rats overtaking several playgrounds on Manhattan's Upper West Side

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 06:13PM
A.J. Ross reports on the unsanitary conditions at some Upper West Side playgrounds where rats are running around.

UPPER WEST SIDE, New York - Rats are taking over several playgrounds that run along Central Park and Riverside Drive on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

When it rains, the rat problem becomes even worse. It is a disgusting situation and parents say they've had enough.

The rodents can be seen bolting back and forth in broad daylight, darting for food. They know no bounds, especially when it comes to personal space.

Eyewitness News reporter A.J. Ross captured video of a rat in one of the parks Monday:

NYC Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal said the city is not only working to pick up the trash more often around these parks, they're also pushing for more durable trash bins so rats won't be able to gnaw their way through.

These new trash bins could be placed as early as next month.
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