Empire State sending additional supplies to Puerto Rico

and AJ.X.Ross
Tuesday, October 03, 2017 01:21PM
A.J. Ross reports on New York's efforts to send a plane with supplies to Puerto Rico.

WHITE PLAINS, New York - In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Governor Andrew Cuomo has been leading the charge from New York, sending emergency supplies and personnel through the Empire Relief and Recovery Effort.

Another plane full of critical supplies is scheduled to depart Tuesday morning from Westchester County Airport.

Gov. Cuomo has been increasingly critical of what he, along with many Democrats, have called the government's slow response to Puerto Rico. Tuesday afternoon, President Trump will make his first visit to the storm ravaged island to survey the damage up close and receive a briefing about the ongoing relief efforts.

Meanwhile in Aguadilla, a town on Puerto Rico's northwest tip, FDNY firefighters used a Red Cross truck to hand out undistributed supplies to families still without basic needs. In an recent interview with CNN, Governor Cuomo questioned why it's taken so long for critical resources to get in the hands of those who need them most on the island.

"It's not acceptable. You know? There's no debate. The only thing the federal government can say is, 'Well, Puerto Rico wasn't in a position to help. Puerto Rico had problems.' Yes. That's the nature of the beast. That's like the doctor saying, 'Well, you know, the patient was sick.' Yeah. I know the patient is sick," said Cuomo.
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