2 beachgoers struck by police vehicle in Long Beach

Monday, July 17, 2017 12:04AM
Jim Dolan has more on two beachgoers who were struck in Long Beach.

LONG BEACH, Long Island - Two people in Long Beach were taken to the hospital after being struck by a police vehicle on the beach Sunday night.

The victims were struck around 8 p.m. on Edwards Boulevard and the Boardwalk, and were taken to South Nassau Communities Hospital. One of the victims has broken ribs and a contusion.

Long Beach emergency service workers carried the injured on a stretcher, and eventually loaded them onto an ambulance as investigators tried to figure out exactly what happened, and how a police vehicle managed to hit a man and a woman on a crowded beach.

Late Sunday night, police photographers were taking pictures from all angles for the investigation. Some eyewitnesses who were there say police were trying to get people to come in from the surf.

Several say they noticed before the man and woman were hit that the police may have been driving too fast.

A police officer was also taken to the hospital.

The incident remains under investigation.
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