Police officer and good Samaritan help rescue passenger from burning car

Thursday, April 27, 2017 01:36PM
Officer Jeff Rodgers and a good Samaritan helped save the passenger from the burning vehicle.

A Louisville, Kentucky police officer helped rescue an unconscious passenger from a burning vehicle.

On February 2, Officer Jeff Rodgers responded to an accident involving a car that was on fire with two people trapped inside of the vehicle, according to a Facebook post from the Louisville Metro Police Department.

"When he arrived, a passerby who had stopped was in the process of pulling the unconscious driver from the vehicle. Officer Rodgers quickly jumped into action and with disregard for his own safety ran up to the burning vehicle and pulled the passenger from the vehicle and away from the wreckage."

After Rodgers and a good Samaritan rescued the second passenger, the car became engulfed in flames.

"If not for the quick thinking and actions by both Officer Rodgers and the Good Samaritan, more than likely neither occupant would have survived the accident," the police department wrote in the post. "Officer Rodgers and Mr. Boyer will be nominated for a life-saving award. You both make us very proud!"