Crime statistics up in Bronx neighborhood where officer killed, residents call for change

Wednesday, July 05, 2017 11:22PM
N.J. Burkett speaks to residents in the Fordham section of the Bronx.

FORDHAM, Bronx - Those living in the community where Officer Miosotis Familia was executed are no strangers to violence.

While the rest of the city is seeing record crime lows, in this community shootings are up more than 20-percent.

The surge in crime has many residents facing their fears daily.

With the setting sun comes another summer night in the Fordham section of the Bronx.

Families escape their sweltering apartments, children play on the sidewalks, and their mothers worry.

"I don't think anybody feels safe," said Yajhayra Santana, a Fordham resident.

Yajhayra has two children and says gunfire is a fact of life there.

"We want to be able to sit down without worrying about our children getting hurt," Yajhayra said.

The 46th precinct is in the western Bronx and covers Fordham, Mount Hope, Morris Heights and parts of University Heights.

They are dangerous streets in a city that has very few of them citywide.

Major crime is down six-percent over last year in the city. Shootings are also down 19-percent. But in the 46th precinct, shootings are up a staggering 29-percent, rapes are up 25-percent and assaults are up seven-percent.

After a triple shooting there in March, the NYPD established a field headquarters with a stepped-up presence.

Officer Miosotis Familia was inside that field headquarters when she was gunned-down overnight.

"Things need to change, but I don't know what they are going to do to change it," a resident said.

Neighbors tell Eyewitness News that young gang members aren't afraid of the police.

"Even when the cops are out on the street, they still pull guns out and start shooting," said Kenneth Kemble, a resident.

Steve Santana is on the local precinct council.

"Why can't they lower the numbers here?" Eyewitness News Reporter N.J. Burkett asked.

"That's the same question we ask every meeting that we go to, every meeting, 'why?'" Steve said.
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