Ohio gas station customer takes down would-be robber

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 02:12PM
An attempted robbery at a gas station in Ohio was thwarted when an observant and quick-thinking customer stepped in.

A would-be robber at a gas station in Ohio wound up on the ground when a bystander jumped into action.

The robber approached the counter and demanded money, according to Grove City Police. The cashier saw that the suspect had his hands in his hoodie and believed he could be hiding a weapon, so he put money on the counter.

When the suspect pulled his hands from his hoodie to take the money, the customer behind him saw that he didn't have a weapon after all and took him down. In a video posted by the police department, the pair remains on the ground until police arrive.

Police praised the Good Samaritan's actions.

"This is a great example of people paying attention, being aware of their surroundings and stepping in to help," reads the department's Facebook post.

They added, however, that they do not recommend ever putting yourself in danger.
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