Hot air balloon crashes in alligator-infested pond near Disney World

Tuesday, July 04, 2017 01:16PM
Nick Watt has the very latest on the hot air balloon crash that had passengers frantic.

ORLANDO, Florida - A hot air balloon carrying 17 people crashed in an alligator-infested retention pond near Walt Disney World Monday.

According to WFTV in Florida, witnesses reported the balloon landing before 8 a.m. Monday along State Road 429.

"(The pilot) attempted to land in a field off of the Turnpike but ended up in a retention pond," Sgt. Kim Montes told WFTV.

Montes said the balloon belongs to Orlando Balloon Rides.

"The basket did not sink," Montes said. "The pilot was attempting to land in the designated landing strip where they had launched from earlier that morning, adajcent to the pond, but reported problems with the wind. With power lines in the area and a highway near by, he attempted to land next to the water, but ended up in the corner of the pond."

No one was injured.
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