NYPD: New video of suspect threatening women with 'acid' in Upper East Side robberies

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 10:08PM
Surveillance video of suspect wanted in ATM robberies.

UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan - Police have a new clue as they attempt to track down the man who threatened to throw acid at two women during robberies in the vestibule of a bank on the Upper East Side.

The NYPD has released even more surveillance video of the suspect.

Surveillance released of suspect wanted in acid robberies at UES atm

Around 3:30 p.m. Monday, at a Citibank ATM vestibule on First Avenue and 68th Street, police said the suspect demanded that a 36-year-old woman give him $1,000.

"I want $1,000 or I'm gonna splash you," he said, while waving a bottle with the unknown liquid.

He claimed that the yellow liquid was acid.

She withdrew $500 and gave it to him, and he ran south on First Avenue.

"I would probably punch them in the face or run away personally," said Kyle Rose, a customer.

"It's scary and crazy, especially working around by the hospital here, hopefully somebody does something about it," said Shahiba Ogilvie, nearby worker.

In a similar robbery at the same spot on May 12th, the suspect got away with $1,000, according to the NYPD.

Police said a suspect followed a 22-year-old woman into the same bank, and said, "Yo, mami, I have acid, and I'm gonna throw it in your face if you don't give me $1,000."

He showed her a bottle with yellow liquid inside.

The woman withdrew $200, then another $800.

This alarming crime spree and other bank robberies have since prompted the NYPD to now offer ATMs inside precincts around the city, in an effort to combat crime and build better relationships with the communities they serve.

"Somebody doing that in the daytime, got to be a little off or something," said Kevin Washington, a resident.

"I think they're going to target people up here because we have our guard down and I don't think you can leave your guard down anymore anywhere," another resident said.

"A lot of times I won't go in if I'm the only person in there, so a lot of times I will look to see who's in there but I guess if he comes in after me there's nothing I can really do," said resident Annie Nelson.

Detectives were canvassing the area as the suspect remains at large.

He was described as a 6'4" tall, Hispanic, with a thin build, wearing a gray hoodie, sunglasses and a black jacket.

Surveillance video of suspect in ATM robberies
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