Teen dies, another recovering after window-jumping game turns deadly in Bushwick

Sunday, March 26, 2017 12:39AM
Candace McCowan has the latest from Bushwick.

BUSHWICK, Brooklyn - Those who knew Rame Pierre-Louise are searching for answers. His Uncle Ray is looking for an explanation.

Ray returned to the courtyard where his nephew fell to his death Friday evening. 13-year-old Pierre-Louis and a friend were apparently roof jumping when both missed the next roof.

"I would say the distance is not even seven feet," Ray said.

The distance between the two buildings is the reason why Ray has questions.

"I don't believe, I hope there's no foul play, but if there is, oh Lord," he said.

All of the answers will never fill the hole left by Pierre-Louis - not for his family, and not for his young friends, like Carmen Santiago.

"I woke up crying, I just can't stop crying," Santiago said.

The middle schooler's friends are creating memorials in front of his house and also where the accident happened. There is another memorial Santiago's home.

When asked if Pierre-Louis had jumped before, Santiago said he stopped after he and his mom convinced him that jumping was not good for you.

One thing is certain, it was too soon to say goodbye - the tragic circumstances are adding to the pain.

The second teen who fell was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition.
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