Officer shot in Yonkers is 2-year veteran, daughter of NYPD sergeant

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 05:18PM
Marcus Solis reports on the release of Yonkers police officer Kayla Maher

YONKERS, New York - The police officer shot in the line of duty in Yonkers Monday night is described by her city leaders as a "gutsy" officer who comes from a fine line.

Officer Kayla Maher is in the hospital recovering from her injuries. Investigators said a man shot her in the bottom of her jaw, and she's now in serious but stable condition.

"We visited her last night and I'm happy to report she is remarkably in good spirits," Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said.

Maher, who is 26 years old and single, is a two-year veteran of the Yonkers Police Department and is assigned to patrol duties in the 3rd precinct.

"She was very light-hearted and told us a lot of jokes so she's a wonderful police officer, heroic in what she did, gutsy as we expect her to be," Spano said.

Her mother is a retired NYPD sergeant.

"It could have been much worse," Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner said. "Thank God the officer right now did not sustain a life-threatening injury. She was struck. She's in serious, but stable condition, but thank God it looks like she's gonna be OK."

This was the first time in more than 30 years that an officer was shot in the line of duty in Yonkers.
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