Body cam footage shows Texas police on wild goat chase

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 10:58AM
KEMAH, Texas - Police in Kemah, Texas, say this was one of the strangest calls for help they've ever received, and it set off a wild goat chase.

A mother and baby goat got out over the weekend.

Shelia Thorne's daughter's 4-H goats were gone, and she believes there was an accomplice.

"They didn't do that, someone let them out," Thorne said.

Kemah Patrol officers spotted the goats about a quarter mile away.

"The main thing is I know they like to ram people so I kept that in mind," Officer Hinson said.

They had wandered down Sue Drive and over to Winfield Lane.

As they found out, goats can resist being captured too.

Thorne and her daughter came with leashes to assist in capturing the goats.

The goats are named Promise and Dunn, but police have a new nickname for them.

"Thelma and Louise, we should call them," Officer Heard said.

There were no hoof cuffs or cruiser cage ride, just a very long and difficult walk home.
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