Trailer 'full of people' found in Texas, police say

Sunday, August 13, 2017 05:59PM
Authorities are investigating after a trailer was found with undocumented immigrants inside.

EDINBURG, Texas - Several undocumented immigrants have been found inside a trailer in Edinburg, Texas according to police.

Police told KTRK-TV the trailer was "full of people," but was unable to give an exact number.

The condition of the people who were found inside the vehicle is not known.

Immigration officials and other law enforcement are at the scene in Edinburg.

Sunday's discovery comes less than a month after more than 30 people were found inside a trailer in San Antonio.

Ten people died after being smuggled into the country in that case from heat exhaustion.

The driver in that case, James Matthew Bradley, 60, is now facing federal smuggling charges.
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