Up Close: President Trump's first 100 days

Sunday, April 16, 2017 01:43PM
Bill Ritter talks with Rep. Peter King of Long Island.

NEW YORK - President Trump, 12 weeks into his tenure, now has a decidedly different take on the world than when he was sworn in on Jan. 20.

The evil China? Now, possibly, a great trading partner. The misunderstood Russia? Now as much a foe as at the height of the cold war.

So what's really going on inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

New York Congressman Peter King joins us with the moderate Republican view of things.

And ABC's political director Rick Klein with the take from his reporting perch in our Washington bureau.
Up Close: Trump's first 100 days

The convergence of Easter and Passover - religions' view of spring - and renewal and rebirth is a good opportunity we thought to discuss where we are as a country, as a planet, in the positive perspective of what spring means in the big picture.

Our guests are Rev. Bill Crawford, senior pastor at the Larchmont Avenue Church. And Rabbi Jeff Sirkman, senior rabbi at Larchmont Temple.

Two Westchester County clergy are teaming up with a message that is trying to cross religious boundaries.
Up Close: Easter and Passover
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