California teen returns wallet full of credit cards and cash

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 08:26PM
Calif. teen returns wallet full of credit cards and cash: Rick Williams reports during Action News at noon on September 20, 2017.

SACRAMENTO, California - A teenager from California who found a wallet full of cash and credit cards didn't think twice about doing the right thing.

Tyler Opdyke found the money while he was passing Melissa Vang's house.

Her husband had dropped the wallet on the way to his car.

It was filled with $1,500 cash, meant for a shopping trip.

But Tyler didn't take a dime. And when no one answered the door, he left the money, under the mat.

"I just really thought what would I want someone to do. I thought of the house, the family that lived there," he said.

The video of Opdyke's good deed has gone viral.

He was later given a $150 dollar reward.
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