Pretty, intimate and poignant: The best wedding photos of the year

Monday, January 16, 2017 12:37PM
(Devin Robinson of Anchor & Veil Photography)
(Rachel Waters of Rachel Photographs)
(Orsolya Lazar of LookImaginary)
(Fabio Mirulla of Fabio Mirulla photographer)
(Devin Robinson of Anchor & Veil Photography)
(Katarina Sharon Macut Vasic of Danilo and Sharon Weddings)
(Lukas Piatek)
(Lukas Piatek)
(Rachel Waters of Rachel Photographs)
(Eric Ronald of Eric Ronald Photography)
(Petra Reger of Wertvoll Fotografie)
(Meutia Ananda of Antijitters Photo)
(Dan O'Day of Dan O'Day Photography)
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(India Earl)
(Hendra Lesmana of Cheese N Click Photography)
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(Danelle Bohane)
(Dan O'Day of Dan O'Day Photography)
(Andy Gaines of Andy Gaines Photography)
(Danelle Bohane)
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(Marissa Kaplan of Marissa Joy Photography)
(Nate Kaiser of The Image is Found)
(Roy Nuesca of Roy Nuesca Photography)
(Roberto Panciatici of Roberto Panciatici Photography)
(Kelly Tunney)
(Jon Dennis of S6 Photography)
(Hugh Whitaker)
(Eka Adhitya of Edka Adhitya Photography)
(Jakob Granqvist of Nordica Photography)
(Victor Lax of Victor Lax Photography)
(Sara Byrne of Sara K Byrne Photography)
(Paulo Santos of Paulo Santos Wedding Photographer)
(Maria Luise Bauer of Maria Luise Bauer Photography)
(Lauren Louise of Lauren Louise Photography)
(Lanny Mann of Two Mann Studios)
(Jordan Voth of Jordan Voth Photography)
(Jennifer Moher of Jennifer Moher Photography)
(James Broadbent of Chasewild)
(Gabe McClintock of Gabe McClintock Photography)
(Christopher Foltz of Christopher|F Photography)
(Ashley and Benjamin Kochanowski of Rosey Red Photography)
(Tricia Victoria of Tricia Victoria Photography)
(John Barwood of John Barwood Photography)
(Gustavo Franco of Gustavo Franco Fotografia)
(Caroline Briggs of The Twins Weddings)
(Ken Pak of Ken Pak Photography)
(Tara Theilen of Tara Theilen Photography)
To start 2017 off right, Junebug Weddings revealed its annual Best of the Best Wedding Photo Collection, taking a look at some of the most powerful and beautiful wedding photos of 2016.

The wedding planning site looked at more than 9,000 photos from 50 different countries to choose the very best.

The site has run the contest for 8 years. The contest was judged by the Junebug Wedddings team along with five wedding photographers, Mike and Shari Vallely of Shari + Mike, Benj Haisch, and Ben and Erin Chrisman of Chrisman Studios.

"What makes me so proud of this year's collection is that you can feel the emotions of a wedding day through these 50 images," said Carrie Schwab, General Manager and Editor-in-Chief of Junebug Weddings. "It's a powerfully emotive experience."

Photos used with permission from Junebug Weddings.
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