Teen accidentally fatally shoots himself at friend's Glen Cove home

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Thursday, August 03, 2017 06:17PM
Kristin Thorne has more on the teen who accidentally fatally shot himself.

GLEN COVE, Long Island - Nassau County police are investigating the death of a 15-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself.

"Sweetheart never bother nobody. Always happy. It's sad," Rosa Vasquez, the boy's aunt, said..

Derek Cosme would have been a junior next year at Glen Cove High School.

He was hanging out with two other friends at his friend's house on William Street on Wednesday night when somehow they got their hands on a loaded pistol.

"I was out to dinner with my wife. When we came home it was all chaos," neighbor Frank Ecker said.

Neighbors who know the family believe the boys were there alone.

"I don't know the boy, but I know the other boys. I know they were away - the mother, the grandmother and his little brother were not here when it happened," neighbor Hugh Finegan said.

Police say there is a licensed pistol holder who lives at the house. They're not yet saying whether that person will face any charges.

Cosme's family says he or she better.

"Someone is responsible because the fact is that the gun was outside. It should have been in a safe somewhere. Somebody is responsible," Vasquez said.

Police are not saying if the gun was locked up and somehow they got access to it.

Neighbor's tell us at least two people who live in the house are former law enforcement.
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