Photos: MTA makes more room on subway cars by removing seats

Wednesday, October 04, 2017 06:25PM
Rob Nelson has the latest on the MTA's subway changes.

NEW YORK - Want more room on the subway? Just remove some seats.

The MTA has a new pilot program on the E train, in which seats at the end of each car are being removed. While it's not great news for many elderly and pregnant commuters, others say it could give them more elbow room.

See photos of the new configuration here:

It's part of the MTA Chairman's Subway Action Plan, unveiled back in July. The new program also includes mechanical fixes to the train model's controllers, which will help prevent breakdowns. And there are aesthetic improvements as well, including new digital screens and outward pointing arrows on the floor reminding commuters to "step away from the closing doors."

The MTA hopes to squeeze on an additional 10 people per train car with the new seat removal, totaling an additional 80 to 100 per train.

The first of the R-160 models to be changed are on the E line, about 100 trains by the end of this month. But the changes are also expected on both the L train and the Times Square Shuttle.
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