Iconic 'Azure Window' rock formation collapses into the sea

Thursday, March 09, 2017 02:58PM
The 'Azure Window,' a well-known natural arch in Malta, has collapsed into the sea.

An iconic natural rock formation that appeared in Game of Thrones is no more.

The Azure Window, a natural arch off the coast of Gozo in Malta, collapsed into the sea on March 8. The incident was a result of years of erosion, according to experts.

Video taken by bystanders shows the rock being battered by strong winds and waves shortly before it fell. Local media outlets also mentioned the heavy storm when reporting about the collapse.

The Prime Minister of Malta said it was a sad day. Visit Gozo wrote on Instagram, "It is as if we never had an Azure Window."

The Azure Window was used as a background in Game of Thrones and can also be seen in other television shows and movies, such as Clash of the Titans. It was also a major tourist attraction for Malta.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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