Woman with family on Long Island recounts horrific Las Vegas shooting

Thursday, October 05, 2017 11:35PM
The victim has family that lives on Long Island.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - One of the victims of the Las Vegas concert shooting is speaking out about the frightening moments that Sunday night.

26-year-old Samantha Faranda, who has family on Long Island, was shot four times...three times in the arm, and once in the side of her ribcage.

She spoke with Eyewitness News Thursday evening on Facetime.

"All I knew was I'd been shot, I got shot again, I got shot again, but I had to run, I can't stay here," Faranda said. "I lost all of my friends, I didn't know where anyone was, and that's honestly what scared me the most."

Faranda says two men helped her get away after they saw her bleeding from the gunshot wounds.
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