Georgia farmer pulls green cabbage through 2 feet of murky floodwater

CLEVELAND, Ga. -- After severe weather ravaged the south, one Georgia family was left to pick up the pieces after their farm was overwhelmed by several feet of floodwater.

Angel Rushing posted footage to Facebook showing her father harvesting a bright green Napa cabbage from the ground through two feet of murky brown water at Shook's Family Farm in Cleveland.

"There you go, y'all. That's a beautiful Napa cabbage. There's plenty of them here, but not anymore," Rushing said after her father pulled the vegetable up through the water, which nearly reached his waist.

While the bright green cabbage may have looked like it survived the flood, Rushing said any produce touched by floodwater is considered contaminated. The flood struck less than a week before the cabbage was set to be harvested.

After the floodwaters wreaked havoc on the family's farm, Rushing tried to find the positive in the situation.

"Maybe our soil needed this sand to make it just right..maybe this was the one way to get rid of all those destructive moles, maybe Mom and Dad just needed to rest," Rushing said. "I don't know why but my parents have raised us to trust in the one who does. We trust you completely Lord and we praise you in the storm."

Rushing said the family was able to salvage plants in the farm's greenhouse.
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