Biggest changes from Apple iOS 10 update

Apple's iOS 10 is now available for iPhone and iPad. Apple has added key features and updates to several of their apps. Here is a look at the biggest changes from the software update.

New messaging capabilities

New messaging capabilities include animated backgrounds, bubble animations and adding stickers.


Apple's software update has added several capabilities to iMessage. Users can be more expressive through adding background animations, handwriting notes, adding stickers on top of messages and message bubble animations.

Text can now be replaced with emojis and users can send hidden messages with "invisible ink."


Apple has also added gif libraries, more emojis and the ability to replace words with emojis when texting. Another feature called "invisible ink" allows users to send messages that are hidden until the recipient swipes to reveal it.

Use Siri with third-party apps

Updated Siri allows for control of third party apps.


Apple's voice command assistant will now work with some third-party apps outside of Apple's apps. Users can now use Siri to get a ride through ride hailing services and send messages through third party messaging apps.

Updated Apple Music, Maps and Photos apps

Updated Apple Music app.


Apple Music has been updated with a streamlined interface that more prominently features album cover art. Song lyrics are also now available.

Apple Maps has been updated with new features.


Apple Maps has added panning and zooming capabilities and has made it easier to find points of interest along your route with its Nearby functionality.

Memories has been added to the Photos app.


The Photos app has added "Memories" which organize your photos based on trips, people and topics. The albums can be created automatically by the app and by the user. The app will also create a slideshow video with music for each album.