THIS MORNING: Young coffee entrepreneur

July 6, 2008 9:00:00 PM PDT
You're probably enjoying your first or second cup of coffee right now, brewed the usual way: in a coffee pot. But that's not the only way to make a Cup-of-Joe. A college student from Westchester is finding success with his unique approach to brewing. Luke Kelly is making a special delivery to the Chocolations candy store in Mamaroneck. The product is cold-brewed coffee, hazelnut, French vanilla and Colombian, made from his own secret recipe.

"It took me many, many, many go-rounds to finally get this end product," says coffee entrepreneur Luke Kelly.

"Luke's Brew" is a big seller. Store owner Maria Valente says she's glad to help out the 20-year-old entrepreneur.

"He's very enthusiastic and he has a great product...He knows how to sell it, I'm very proud to have him here and I know he's going places," Valente said.

He also gets support from other locals in town. The owner of the business Lunch with Lou gives Luke use of his commercial kitchen. But before Luke went commercial, he had more humble beginnings.

"I started making it....gave it to coworkers, friends and family..everybody liked it, so I decided to take it up to the next level," Luke says.

Luke was looking for a coffee drink to sell on his college campus when he hit upon a cold-brewed blend. First, ground beans are soaked in water for 24 hours. The mixture is then strained a few times and poured into 32-ounce mason jars and can be served hot or over ice. It's a simple process that involves lots of hard work.

"You need to figure out distribution and scalability and costs and all that...So it has been a lot of work and it is a lot of work, but it's very rewarding," said Luke.

When Luke heads back to college in September, he'll keep selling his brew. It's what his future dreams are made of.

Luke says, "I would love to see people all over America drinking this."

Luke delivers his brew locally for free. Soon, it will also be available for shipping outside the Westchester area.

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Luke's Brew is also sold at Chocolations, located at 447 Mamaroneck Avenue in Mamaroneck.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Lucy Yang