Carpooling web site helps commuters

July 14, 2008 5:17:55 AM PDT
Car pooling is an inexpensive way to get to work but the hard part is finding people to share the commute with you. Eyewitness News shows you a new website that's hooking up car poolers and helping them get to know each other before they commit to sharing a ride.

Four Manhattanites are carpooling to their jobs on Long Island.

They work at the same company but didn't know each until the need for a cheap ride to work brought them together.

"Great way to save money on the trip, plus we all became friends," said Jesse Fallick.

The foursome hooked up through Zimride a ride sharing service that makes it easier to find traveling buddies.

Jonathan Zimmer is the co-founder of the service.

"They can searched to a location, they can search from a location, and then they can find the closest matching ride," said Zimmer.

He built Zimride's platform off of social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. In addition Zimride just launched its own website.

The goal is to make carpooling easier and to add a comfort level to getting in a car with strangers.

Users can see social profiles of potential carpoolers and other tidbits.

Zimride is also a useful tool for vacationers, day trippers and anyone looking for a cheaper way to travel or a faster way to get from here to there.

Carpooling is usually an inexpensive way to get to work.

The hard part is finding people to share the commute with you.

The site is free for users.

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