Little 'Hitler' removed from home

January 15, 2009 7:04:44 AM PST
A story that gained a lot of attention after a family in New Jersey couldn't get a supermarket to make a birthday cake for a little boy named "Adolf Hitler," is back in the news.Only this time, it's because 3-year-old Adolf and his two younger sisters were removed from their parents' home.

Holland Township police say Adolf and his two younger sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, were taken by state Division of Youth and Family Services.

The three siblings were removed on Friday, but police say family services has not told them why.

State workers didn't tell police why the children were taken, police Sgt. John Harris said. A family court hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Last December a bakery in Holland Township refused to spell out the name of 3-year-old Hitler on his birthday cake. A story in a local newspaper prompted an outpouring of angry online responses directed at his parents, Heath Campbell, 35, and his wife Deborah, 25.

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