New Jersey Cub Scout on terror watch list

January 14, 2010 3:16:58 PM PST
Cute as can be, Cub Scout, karate champ, and Catholic school 3rd grader Mikey Hicks is stuck on the TSA's no-fly list. It's because of his name.

"My son is Mikey Hicks. My husband is Mike Hicks. There must be a Mike Hicks who did something somewhere," his mom, Najlah Hicks, said.

Mikey has paid the price ever since he was born, whenever his family flies. Flagged as a baby, it's only gotten worse.

"He got his first pat-down at two... at 6, 7 not funny. When does it end?" wondered his mother.

"He's not a terrorist. He can throw a fit, but he's certainly not going to blow up a plane."

Last week, returning from the Bahamas, Mikey and Mike Hicks Sr. were flagged.

"They patted arms, legs, everywhere," his father said.

The family has written letters, made phone calls, hired an attorney to get Mikey off the list. The TSA told them to fill out forms, which Najlah did and she took her fight public.

She started a 'Get Mikey off the list' Facebook fan page. It has hundreds of fans already, and it's growing.

"My one goal in life right now is to get him off, get my husband off the list," Najlah said.