Websites and apps to help you lose weight

January 19, 2010 8:25:36 PM PST
Many people pledge to get fit in the New Year, but keeping on track can be tough. However, a lot of websites, iPhone apps and other smart phone programs can keep you motivated through the process.

"I just didn't think about it, ever. I just ate what I wanted," said Joyce Miele, who recently decided she was ready to drop the extra weight.

At 5'7" tall and 175 pounds, Joyce says she tried just about every diet. Then she downloaded "Lose It!" to her iPhone.

"For me, it made me aware of how many calories were actually in things," she said. "I think the first ten pounds came off so quickly."

Joyce says she found instant success. In just 3 months she dropped 35 pounds.

"Lose It!" works by first inputting your weight, and your goal. Then users log meals, snacks, and exercise.

There is even a link to look up restaurant and brand name foods to make tracking calories easy.

"Lose it!" is free to download. is another website that helps you track your calories and exercise routines.

"Good Food Near You" takes the guess work out of finding healthy choices at restaurants. The app gives you access to menus, and nutritional information.

Good Food Near You is also free.

For dieters tracking calories, check out "calorie tracker" from Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong website.

The app has access to more than 450,000 food and restaurant items to help you stick with your goals.

You can either use LiveStrong for free, or pay for an upgrade to the premium service.

Keep fit with iFitness. The app offers users access to over 160 unique exercises. It includes photos and instructions so you don't have to hire a trainer. It costs 1.99

Step Track Lite is a free pedometer. It logs strolling, walking, and running and keeps track of how many calories you burn.

There are also dozens of other free apps to track exercise including iSpinning, iMapMyRun, and Prêt-à-Yoga Lite.

If you don't have access to an iPhone, that doesn't mean you can't stay on track on your desktop. "Dottie's Weight Loss Zone" offers tips on staying on track, has a list of calories and weight watcher points of thousands of foods from favorite restaurants. allows dieters to keep a free diet and weight loss journal.

"12 weeks to Weight Loss" offers users 3 months worth of workouts as well as nutritional guides and motivational tips.

Finally, multi-tasking at its best! Woman Activity Tracker takes regular activities like vacuuming and even cooking and tracks them into steps, like a pedometer. Then you can calculate how many calories you've burned from doing everyday tasks.


Lose it!

Good Food Near You



Step Track Lite



Prêt-à-Yoga Lite

Dottie's Weight Loss Zone

12 weeks to Weight Loss

Woman Activity Tracker