Saving with the Coupon Queen

NEW YORK Dubbed the Coupon Queen, she has been clipping and saving since the 1970's when she realized her public school teacher's salary wasn't enough.

Now she regularly saves two thousand dollars a year on her grocery bill and gets back 200-dollars a month in refunds and rebates.

Susan's tips for stretching a dollar:

  • Start with your grocery store flyer
  • Utilize store savings cards
  • Match up your coupons
  • Make a list

    Another way to save is on the products themselves. Manufactures are so desperate for you to try their products they offer instant discounts and refunds, like a bottle of liquid plumber that offers a full refund.

    Walking the aisles of Di Cicco's market in Scarsdale with Susan is like going on a treasure hunt.

    On the day we went along, Susan was doing extreme shopping, using only refunds and free coupons from prior purchases, and loading up her cart.

    Before coupons, $148.16. After coupons, $9.49.

    So if that kind of savings gets your heart pumping, Susan has a website ( with plenty of tips on using coupons.

    She also has a free DVD to walk you through the aisles of the grocery store to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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