Movie prices headed higher

March 26, 2010 3:55:16 PM PDT
Coming soon to a theatre near you -- sticker shock!

Blockbuster hits like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland are drawing millions to the movies. The nation' largest theatre chains are cashing in.

Starting today, theaters owned by Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, and Cinemark Holdings are boosting prices.

The exact increase will vary from theater to theater, but moviegoers can expect to pay on average $1.50 more per ticket.

At one AMC Loews Theater in New York City, seeing a movie in 3-D IMax will now cost you $19.50 - up three dollars overnight.

For a night out with a family of 4, that'll set you back 78 dollars! Throw in popcorn and soda, and your bottom line is $121.00.

Revenue surpassed 10 billion dollars in domestic sales for the first time last year. It appears those revenues may be headed even higher.