Man brutally beaten in Brooklyn

May 25, 2010 10:41:54 PM PDT
The NYPD is now investigating this attack as a hate crime.

A Brooklyn man was savagely beaten in broad daylight last weekend.

"They used the bad word. 'The mother bleeping Muslim, go back to you country.' They started beating him and after that he don't know what happened," the victim's nephew Abul Kashem said.

Kamal Uddin is in and out of consciousness at Brookdale Hospital after being attacked by four young men.

It didn't happen under the guise of nightfall or in a secluded area.

He was beaten at 3:00 Saturday afternoon on the sidewalk at the corner of Barbey and Worthman in East New York.


His family says because he's a Muslim from Bangladesh.

"He has the money. He has the wallet. He was the watch and the cell phone. Nothing taken. Everything is there with him. It seems to me it's a hate crime," the victim's uncle Mohammed Abul Hashem said.

"He can't even talk," his daughter, Rohima Begum, said. "He said yesterday four kids hit him. They attacked him from the back. He can't talk. He's very scared. Very scared."

The faithful father and devoted husband has internal bleeding and extensive bruises to his face, and arms.

Uddin was doing construction work and decided to walk to the store to grab a bite to eat.

On his way, he was confronted by the group of men.

Investigators said on Tuesday that they found no evidence of robbery or other motive, so the Hate Crimes Task Force is now investigating.