Fuel oil spilling into Bronx River in White Plains

June 2, 2010 2:48:15 PM PDT
Environmental workers have been scrambling throughout the day to soak up the brown, soupy mess that's made its way downstream.

Hundreds of gallons of heating oil spilled into the Bronx River.

Around 7:30 Wednesday morning a jogger in Scarsdale alerted authorities about an oil smell. A stench that's lingered throughout the day.

The leak was traced to a storm drain near downtown White Plains.

County and state environmental crews quickly laid booms across the river to contain the flow of oil and a truck was brought in to skim the surface of the water.

The source of the oil was traced to a building on South Lexington Avenue.

The boiler somehow leaked number 6 heating oil into a storm drain in the basement.

Tenants say there's a history of maintenance issues at the 12-story high rise, where in 1993 a fireman was killed battling an electrical fire.

In all, the leak spread from Main Street to crane road in Scarsdale, a distance less than five miles.

The Bronx River is not a prominent fishery. The concern is more for birds, ducks and geese.