Drama Therapy: Dealing with student problems through drama


"Enact" employs professional actors who perform scenes, such as a female character wanting a young man to skip school and go to an off campus party, with students.

"Enact" creates programs for individual schools with student behavior issues, through what is called, "Drama Therapy."

The actors set the stage for discussing student problems.

"We make it fun and we help them [the students] work through the obstacles that are causing the behavior," Diana Feldman, the founder and executive director of "Enact," said.

The program is aimed at schools with student populations which face enormous challenges in simply coming to school every day and realizing the importance of education.

"Enact really allows them to, through drama, through interaction, to express themselves...express the social issues they may have; whether it's bullying or gang violence or what they see when they walk outside," said Angelo Ledda, principal of M.S. 399

Students are enjoying and learning from "Enact."

"It teaches you not to be disruptive; to do your work," Juan Encarnacion, a student, said.

The students have a saying, when they are faced with problems, "I have to think about the consequences and the future."

For more information, visit www.enact.org
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