Two boys caught in the crossfire in Brooklyn


There are questions surrounding who shot them and why.

The kids were shot in the Brownsville section, and police are trying to figure out if they were innocent bystanders or targeted.

Jaaquan Cross is a very lucky kid. The 12-year-old cheated death Monday night when caught in a hail of bullets, on his very own block.

He says he looked his would be killer in the eye before diving behind a parked car. He sustained a wound to the wrist. His 10-year-old friend Tyrese Bollers was hit in the leg.

Neighbors rushed to help the two boys and call 911 and just after the shots, one man looked up and discovered the gunman wasn't a man at all. Just barely in his teens, he stowed away his silver handgun, got back onto his bike, and pedaled away.

Detectives returned to the scene Tuesday to figure it all out.

They say they aren't sure if the shooting was random, or if the two victims were specifically targeted.

There's also no word if it's related to a shooting less than 48 hours earlier, just steps up the block. In that case, neighbors say the victim was just 11-years-old.

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