Get recipe answers from Food Pickle

November 22, 2010 3:03:19 PM PST
Have you ever been standing in the kitchen in the middle of a recipe and wondered "what now?"

Or have you even been standing in the grocery store aisle and thought "huh?"

Now there's a place to go for nearly instant answers to your cooking questions.

On a typical morning in Amanda Hesser's kitchen you may find her cooking along side Merrill Stubbs.

The two tested 1400 recipes together for the just published The Essential New York Times Cookbook and they also created a food website called Food52.

The site features recipes, contests and lots of discussions, and that led to its newest feature -- Food Pickle.

"Food Pickle is for when you're in a food pickle when you have a food question that needs to be answered urgently," Amanda Hesser said.

Just send your question to food pickle and you'll get an almost immediate response from one of the sites users, usually a home chef who's quite passionate about cooking.

"People are really generous with their knowledge and time and I think it makes them feel good to know they're helping someone and to show off their knowledge," Merrill Stubbs said.

But let's say you're out grocery shopping and nowhere near your computer to ask a food pickle question? No worries. You can also text your question. You'll probably get a response within minutes, while you're still filling your cart.

You can email, text, even tweet your dilemma - all for free - and there's a deep bench of folks who will respond, including the site's founders.