Live your rock n' roll fantasy at camp

January 17, 2011 8:37:17 PM PST
A fantasy rock n' roll camp is helping people live out their dreams.

Roger Daltry, the lead singer of "The Who", is one of the biggest rock stars of all time, and a legend in the pantheon of rock icons.

So what is he doing in a studio of amateurs?

Welcome to camp. It is rock and roll fantasy camp, where the stars, like Sandy Genarro from "Joan Jett and The Blackhearts", and Mark Farner from "Grand Funk Railroad" mix with regular guys.

Well, regular guys who can afford thousands of dollars for several days of jamming.

"When I was about 15, this is what I wanted to do," said one camp participant.

"Life got busy, mortgage demands, a different sense of priorities," said another camp rocker.

Most of the people at the camp are like that.

Darren Reede is a public relations executive, Chuck Raymond is an anesthesiologist.

Christine Hemme is an announcer on a pro wrestling show.

But, they all love the music.

Many even play in a band when they can.

So it's pretty obvious what they get out of it.

After all, how often does a public relations executive get to talk like this:

"It's almost spiritual, when that vibe is there and you connect with people it creates its own energy," Darren Reede said.

But what does a guy like Mark Farner get out of it?

Well, it's the chance to work with hungry and fresh musicians, not bitter with success, but eager to learn.

"The creativity, that we are experiencing together when someone has an idea, yeah that's a good idea, and then everyone puts their own thing into it, it becomes family oriented," Farner said.

The group even wrote their own song in one day, and it was a good day.

"Someone told me half of the people come back, that's up to my wife," the camp rocker said.

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