Men are seeking more cosmetic surgeries than ever


"It was a great personal experience. Also as a business owner, it's important for the image you portray and the confidence you have," Wrocherinsky said.

There's the competitive edge and then there's also body image issues. Yacov's dentist, /*Marc Lowenberg*/, says men used to invest in smile makeovers only under orders from their wives. Now, the men themselves have an image in their mind and want the smile to match.

"They've studied other people's smiles, even movie stars. They will even make reference to someone like /*Matthew McConaughey*/, and say 'I don't want my smile as bold as his, but I like the way his smile looks.' That's a mentality that men did not use to have, but they definitely have it now. And the most amazing thing is that today, in 2011, I have as many male patients as female patients," Dr. Lowenberg said.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons agree. More men, young and old, are "investing," spending thousands on treatments and rejuvenations

/*Michael Sean*/'s doctor, cosmetic surgeon /*Dr. Misbah Khan*/, says many of her male clients don't want invasive treatments, but more minimal procedures.

"Their main concern is to look younger, but not any kind of a wow factor that it takes several years off their face," said Dr. Khan.

Whether motivated to smile like a movie star or look better for business, men, more than ever, will pay for a lift.

"I definitely feel that people who take pride in how they look...they get far," Michael Sean said.

According to the /*American Society of Plastic Surgeons*/, the number of men who had cosmetic treatments rose to more than 1.1 million last year. In 2010, growth in certain procedures like face-lifts, liposuction and eyelid surgeries was much greater among men than women.

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