Extreme couponers share tips with the Central Valley

FRESNO, Calif.




Especially if you have a family, the tips laid out at a one hour class Friday were well worth it. And you don't have to have a lot of time to save big. Just a few tips can help you cut your grocery bill in half. Imagine a grocery receipt ten feet long, with more than five feet in coupons and savings.

Jennifer Freemen's coupon collecting turned what was an $880 grocery bill into just $89. The Las Vegas mother says you can save just as much. Friday she shared her expert tips with hundreds of interested couponers in the Central Valley.

"The best deal, honestly, almost every deal is great because of you can get toothpaste for free isn't that a best deal? I get free item coupons in the mail continuously so for me, best deals become free," Freeman said.

There are a few basic rules that Freeman and her frugal friend, Jen Morris say are a must. First. Don't ever use a coupon on a full price item. Save the coupon until it's on sale. Timing is key.

Second, buy enough of what's on sale using your coupon to last you close to three months. That's typically when that same product goes on sale again. To save big, you'll need multiple coupons. So subscribing to more than one copy of the Sunday paper is a good idea.

From there, you can start your couponing mission.

"It's very easy to do. Organize your coupons in a very simple way. Use a website to tell me when the deals are on sale every week and when to use my coupon and where to find my coupons," Morris said. "While buying in bulk is one of the tips to saving big, coupon clippers, who save the most money say buying at warehouse stores isn't always getting the best bang for your buck."

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