Bill proposed for NYC Muni Meter parking

January 27, 2012 3:13:27 PM PST
Using your unexpired Muni Meter time to park somewhere else in New York City would be legal and you wouldn't get a ticket under a bill introduced Friday in Albany.

If you buy time on one Muni Meter and you don't use it all, you could use it at another parking spot.

"A lot of people are complaining, a lot of people are complaining," said Antonio Giura, a Muni Meter parker.

Many are complaining about the city's Muni Meters.

Say you buy time on one, but before your time expires, you drive off and park elsewhere.

You still have time left on your receipt. Can you use it?

"Absolutely! There's nothing on the receipt that says you can't do that. In fact, the regulations of the Department of Transportation do not prohibit you from using it on another street," said Assemblyman William Colton, (D) 47th District.

Well, now lawmakers say time is up for the DOT charging for unexpired tickets.

Assemblyman William Colton is sponsoring a bill to make remaining time transferable.

The rule exists he says, but the trouble is: it's not observed by every ticketing agent and judge.

"Since they don't follow the rules, and that's the key, they want the public to follow the rules, but they themselves don't follow the rules, that's insane, said Glen Bolofsky,

The DOT said: "We are in the process of updating the rules to make clearer that Muni Meter receipts may be used at additional locations, provided those areas have the same parking rates and regulations."

Glen Bolofsky of says if you get a ticket when you still have time left on your Muni Meter receipt, you're in a bind.

Transferring remaining time is allowed according to this letter posted on

"It specifically allows it on official letterhead from the DOT! Yet, the Parking Violations Bureau does not accept that letter," Bolofsky said.

That's why he supports a law that brings clarity and uniform enforcement.

"Yeah, I mean I think that's how it should be," said Greg Mal, a Muni Meter parker.

"I think it's a good idea!" Giura said.

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