Exclusive: Credit card, personal info posted online

May 16, 2012 1:19:13 PM PDT
People's credit card numbers and all sorts of personal information have been found right on the internet, in an Eyewitness News exclusive.

The website was stumbled upon by Sean Herskovitz, who never expected to find what he did when he Googled his girlfriend's name.

He was shocked to find her credit card information for sale, along with her Social Security number and address. She wasn't alone - the site had information on hundreds of people.

Sean called several of the people on the list, most of whom thought he was running a scam.

Some of the writing on the site is in Russian, which gives the impression of an off-shore operation, but selling this kind of personal information is hardly new.

The FBI says it always investigates credit card fraud, especially when it's internet based. However, officials wouldn't comment on this specific site.

Victims of online credit card fraud can file a complaint on IC3, the joint FBI and National White Collar Crime Center Partnership's website, or call FBI New York at 212-384-1000.

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