7-year-old Bayville girl saves father

June 1, 2012 2:35:33 PM PDT
It began as a normal day for the Veteri family.

7-year-old Sophia Veteri, her twin brother Michael and their old sister Giovanna were playing around their house in Bayville. Ginny Veteri was off running errands.

Suddenly, her father collapsed in the front foyer. He was having an epileptic seizure.

"His eyes were wide open and he was wiggling a lot," said Sophia.

That is when Sophia sprang into action. She bolted across the street to her neighbors' house, but no one was there, so she went back to her house, running by her brother. "I was standing next to my dad holding his hand," Sophia said.

Sophia then went into the kitchen and dialed 911. She had just learned all about 911 by earning her first aid badge in Girl Scouts.

"I told them my address, my phone number, what happened and that he has epilepsy," Sophia said.

But that's not all - Sophia stood next to her father on the phone with operators until medics arrived.

"Something else could have happened bad and then I would have to say something major," Sophia added.

"I love them all so much and I'm so proud of them and they all took a part. She took the lead," said Sophia's father, Michael Veteri.

Sophia then got a special delivery from the Girl Scouts of Nassau County - a certificate for a donation to the Girl Scouts made by that neighbor across the street.

"I'm proud of myself for saving my daddy," Sophia said.

Sophia's courage may soon be recognized by people across the country. She's applying to receive a medal of honor through the Girl Scouts, their national life -saving award.

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