Gun control debate takes center stage after Co. shooting

July 29, 2012 3:34:11 PM PDT
If you were to stand on one side of a sign in Yonkers, you could legally carry a high-capacity magazine for an assault weapon.

However, if you stood in the Bronx, you would not be able to hold the same weapon.

If a masked gunmen carrying a real assault rifle, armed with high-capacity magazines is a frightening sight, that's the point. Everything he's holding is absolutely legal in Yonkers.

As families in Colorado begin the uphill process of healing, the gun control debate took center stage across the nation.

In New York, the laws are inconsistent. In New York City for example, it is illegal to own or sell high capacity magazine, which allow a shooter to fire off bullets faster than he or she can count. However the very same magazines are legal in the rest of the state.

State Senator Eric Adams plans to introduce a bill in Albany banning such magazines across the state. Of course he knows there's always neighboring states, but he has to start somewhere and that someplace is home.

There have been calls for a national ban on high capacity magazines, but given strong opposition from the NRA and gun rights advocates, it is highly unlikely any such laws would pass on congress - even after this most recent tragedy.

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