Greenwich Village cafe takes oatmeal up a notch


Owner Samantha Stephens tells Eyewitness News to think of the steel-cut oats as risotto or as a blank slate.

"Oatmeal is just a really nice flat base that you can do a lot with flavor-wise," Stephens says.

Then things get interesting. You get to build your own bowl in "papa", "mama" or "baby" size portions. The toppings are endless - from sweet to savory. There are dollops and drizzles of truffle oil, maple syrup and caramel.

You can pick your own ingredients, mix and match or live a little and try one of their signature bowls.

You can also add bacon, cheddar cheese, pesto, mozzarella or sun dried tomatoes.

"We have a tropical sunrise that has coconut milk on it. It's a really nice base," says Stephens.

Or, as many purists do, you can stick to just sugar.

Stephens came up with this concept while trying to drop some weight in college. She would experiment with different combinations, and after a decade – after six years in finance, culinary school, talking to friends and other small business owners, everything finally fell into place.

"It's been a long time coming, so I am pretty excited," Stephens adds.

For more on what Oatmeals has to offer, you can check out their website.


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