Wish of a lifetime comes true

October 3, 2012 3:09:00 PM PDT
Only in his dreams could Ken Spencer fly at zero gravity. Now, his dream and his wish of a lifetime are coming true.

"It's not possible to imagine it until you experience it," Ken Spencer said.

He applied to the wish of a lifetime foundation, learned more about the zero-g flight and then his dream took off.

"Then one day they said you are going to be on this flight. Like what? I had kind of hoped, but it was like a long shot. It's hard to believe I got to do that," he said.

For this pilot and photographer, this had been a childhood dream to fly. The zero g plane is specially outfitted for the weightless flight. Ken and others first went through pre-mission instructions, then boarded "g-force one" for the 90 minute flight.

Then came that first weightless moment.

"Suddenly, you are drifting toward the ceiling. And because you are pushing with this hand you are rolling. This is like crazy," Spencer said.

Floating in zero gravity, the wish of lifetime was now the flight of a lifetime.

"This took me back to my dreams. I'm just floating and at one point - you don't need to put your arms out, but I put my arms out because that's how I flew in my dreams," he said.

On the flight too was Jeremy Bloom, world champion athlete and founder of the wish of a lifetime. His foundation has made more than 400 wishes come true for seniors over 65.

"Just to be able to grant someone that wish of a lifetime. That's an incredible thing to do," he said.

"The idea that this guy, Jeremy thought of this is just brilliant," ken said.

Many of those whose wishes have been granted tell the foundation their life has improved.

"If you can brighten somebody's day or grant them a wish. What a wonderful gift that is," Spencer said.

You can learn more about the program at seniorwish.org

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