See the city differently with a tour by a resident

January 4, 2013 2:46:04 PM PST
There's a new way to see New York City and the world, by taking a tour with an expert in the area.

"I've been obsessed with Chinese food since my father took me to Manhattan's Chinatown," said Joe Distefano, Vayable tour guide.

With the Chinese New Year a month away, Eyewitness News decided to take a tour of New York's other Chinatown with an unlikely self-proclaimed Chinese food expert, Joe Distefano.

"There's delicious around every corner in some of the most unusual places like Soy Bean Chen's flower shop," Distefano said.

Soy Bean Chen's Flower Shop is the first stop on our tour of Flushing's Chinatown. It is the only spot in New York City where you can buy both tofu and flowers in the same place.

"It's fresh tofu that's made every morning. It's called flower tofu. Do whay," Distefano said.

Distefano, the Chinese speaking Queens born Italian American loves Flushing food so much.

"I happen to be nuts about food in Queens," Distefano said.

He signed up to be a tour guide on, a website that offers activities and tours in cities around the world.

For example in New York, you could shadow a photographer who could teach you how to white balance in Grand Central Station.

Or, go on a shopping spree with a stylist.

Or, be adventurous with Joe Distefano and try that one dollar roasted Peking duck sandwich in Flushing.

"What's interesting about Vayable is that it allows you to experience a location through an enthusiastic local's eyes," Distefano said.

Or through the palate of an enthusiastic local, even if that includes roasted duck.

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