Disco fashions from Stephen Burrows

March 21, 2013 2:12:45 PM PDT
Stephen Burrows hit the New York fashion scene in the late 60s and by the 70s.

He and his designs often took center stage at Studio 54.

Diana Ross, Jerry Hall, and Iman are just some of the women who danced in burrows.

"They had fun in them and it made them happy. There was a sensual thing about them that made you want to touch and wear it," Stephen Burrows said.

He showed in Paris and had a first of its kind pop up store inside Bendel's. Now, the New Jersey native is getting his due with a retrospective at the Museum of the City of New York.

The exhibition is called Stephen Burrows - When Fashion Danced.

"At that time we were dancing to celebrate ourselves and our city and our clothing when identity as New Yorkers," Burrows said.

57 pieces in all.

"I think every color goes together it's an artistic moment," he said.

Great coats, vibrant pants and many looks feature his famous lettuce edging.

"It was a mistake. It was a mistake that turned into a signature," Burrows said.

Most of the fabric is matte or wool jersey.

"Clung to the right parts and skipped over the bad parts impart into the clothes,"he said.

Seeing them all here may make you want to slip one on and go dancing. The dresses will transport you to the days of disco.

"I call them adult toys be sexy and adventurous," Burrows said.

To learn more about the exhibit, please visit the Museum of the City of New York website by clicking here.