Mother of twins found dead, infants left in crib

April 4, 2013 8:18:11 PM PDT
The mother of twin 3-month-old girls was found dead inside her Plainfield apartment.

The twin girls are just 3 months old and lived in Plainfield with their mother and three siblings.

The police say they were called here to gain entry to the apartment by a relative, but according to witnesses, the father of two of the children, not the twins, but two older boys, had already kicked in the door.

"He picks them up every day so you know, he took them for a couple of days, but when he tried to bring them back and she never answered her phone. He kept trying to get in touch with her, and then he finally went and kicked the door in," said Tomika Vaughan, a neighbor.

Inside the second floor apartment, the father found 39-year-old Alice Jackson dead in her bed, and her 3 month old twin daughters in a crib, quiet, wet, and dehydrated.

When police arrived, the babies were brought outside, as Neemah Williams looked on.

"They looked fine, their faces were swollen a little bit, but they weren't crying that much," said Neemah Williams, a neighbor.

In the neighborhood, everyone is talking about Jackson and what will come of her children.

"She was a nice lady, real friendly, she worked, you know, took real good care of her kids, very good care of them, it's really sad," Vaughan said.

"They going to grow up wondering where's their mom, and where's the dad," Williams said.

An autopsy was conducted on Jackson but her cause of death is not yet known. Police say it appears to be from natural causes.

The infants are recovering at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick. They are listed in critical but stable condition.

The father of the twins is from Baltimore and is now by the babies' side at the hospital.

Family members became concerned and asked police to check on Jackson after they hadn't heard from her since March 29th.