Spinning in a swimming pool

April 25, 2013 11:55:31 AM PDT
What happens when you put a spin bike in a swimming pool?

It's now happening at one gym and makes for quite the workout.

How could it not, having water that's 84 degrees, flowing over your lower body and occasionally splashing on your upper half.

It's a new class that challenges even the fiercest fitness fanatics.

If you dare to go deep, the water is 4 feet and are willing to take it up a notch, then add aqua cycling to your to do list.

Aqua Studio in TriBeCa is the only place where you can experience that type of workout.

For 45 minutes, wearing specially designed rubber shoes, you pedal and use your arms to burn hundreds of calories.

"You don't change the resistance during the class, the resistance is set at the beginning and so you have natural resistance of the water," said Esther Gauthier, the studio owner.

After only a short time you really begin to feel it.

The water essentially acts as a layer of protection.

It's the same philosophy physical therapists, treating athletes with knee injuries follow.

"There is no impact on your joints because your body weight is supported by the water," adds Esther.

But unlike cycling on land, here in the pool, the water moves you from side to side, so you really have to use your core to keep your body aligned.

During the class, you constantly switch between first, second and third positions.

LINK: http://www.aquastudiony.com/

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