Tips to prevent child drownings

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Every summer children die in backyard pools.

There are important safeguards for every parent and pool owner so backyard fun doesn't turn into a tragedy.

It's a poolside tragedy waiting to happen when young children see a toy left in the pool.

They'll do whatever it takes to get the toy, even drown.

After her first grandchild Dexter was born, Ann Kahn invested in what she calls added peace of mind.

She had a removable mesh fence put in.

Steve Berger's company Life Saver Pool Fence installed it for $2,700.

The gate locks with a magnetic latch and key.

And tension latches ensure the door always shuts.

"Just like you wouldn't let your kid play in traffic or leave a loaded gun on the table if you have a pool you need to have layers of protection," said Berger.

Other ways to prevent accidents are to outfit your pool with a safety alarm.

You can also outfit your kid with a water activated alarm, placed on the wrist or ankle, it activates when wet.

Both devices start at around 120 bucks.

But the best safety measures prevent accidents before they happen.

Like is teaching your child how to swim.

Marina Montes started UR swim on Long Osland to help prevent the many drowning in home pools every summer.

"One of the first things we teach them is how to submerge and roll on their backs we want them to get their faces out of the water so an adult can see them and they can cry for help," she said.

The certified lifeguard reminds the number one measure to prevent drowning. Constant supervision by an adult who can swim, that way everyone can have a fun safe summer in the water.

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