'The Biggest Baby Shower' comes to New York City

May 29, 2013 2:53:48 PM PDT
Thousands of women will attend a huge baby shower of sorts to see the latest products for babies and learn about parenting techniques.

Becoming a new parent is overwhelming, and when it comes to buying the right products, diapers, food, strollers; wow, your head can spin.

But Thursday's event is meant to be fun and educational.

"This is our 7th year of producing the biggest baby shower ever in New York City," said Risa Goldberg, of Big City Moms.

Well it might be the biggest baby shower anywhere.

Expecting parents get a hands on experience; testing out the latest products from play items to thermometers.

The expo is put on by two New York City sisters who started Big City Moms to offer support to new moms, and Thursday's baby shower is a big part.

"All the companies are there and they can share the INS and out of all the different products," Goldberg said.

"We also have a ton of educational seminars ranging from nutrition to breast feeding to colic," Goldberg said.

You can learn to make your own baby food with Sage Spoonfuls.

"It comes with the jars, the hand blender, what you need to do it yourself," Godlberg said.

Another expert mom will be talking about swaddling and her skin care products.

Here's the latest in the bouncy seat

"This is from Nuna, you can use it up until 50 pounds," said Leslie Venokur, of Big City Moms.

There's an easy to assemble sleep and play solution by 4 moms.

And when it comes to strollers, one requires so little effort to get your baby into a taxi because it doubles as a car seat.

And another one rotates 360 and comes with a spot for your iPad so baby can watch as you stroll.

And finally there's an $800 model.

It opens and closes with just the push of a button.

If only parenting required just the push of a button.

"If we make new moms happy and their transition to motherhood happy then we did our job well," Goldberg said.

The biggest baby shower is Thursday evening from 6:30-9:30 at the Metropolitan Plaza in Chelsea.

Tickets start a $110, but you will leave with a goody bag filled with items work twice that.

For more information and tickets, please visit: http://babyshower.bigcitymoms.com/